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Project Description

little unicorn
case study.

Not just a swaddle company—Little Unicorn is a brand that is known and beloved by parents for their quality products and one-of-a kind prints that are all designed in-house. With a brand refresh to their logo and a whole lot of brand strategy, Little Unicorn can continue their focus on providing beautiful and personality filled products for all the wonderful yet messy parenting moments.

connecting your value-based brand with your messaging shows you’re more than just a beautiful product.


We found a point of view for Little Unicorn to capture in their messaging that will always be the underlying dynamic between them and their audience. Little Unicorn connects to the notion that childhood is fleeting, and that having something beautiful to hold on to enhances that memory—the story of their child—told through their product.

Because every day is a story—a story told, a story created, or a story waiting to be made—the Little Unicorn product is there as a companion to record and hold on to the stains (quite literally) and memories of moments made and yet to come.


We refreshed the Little Unicorn logo to amplify visibility and visually balance proportions while maintaining their brand stock in the logo. We cleaned up the icon, tapered features, and, overall, refined it in order to simplify the shape, therefore, distilling it to the essential elements. The pull on the toy utilizes the tittle from the “i” in the logotype. The dot is a repetitive feature that is used in a variety of graphic methods for the brand, and it also functions to tie the monogram to the primary logo as well.

who are they? they’re the wondrous creator—because great stories begin with a sense of wonder.


This packaging design is meant to be interactive by creating opportunities for discovering messages around the beauty of parenting. When you first slide off the top of the box to get to the swaddles, you’ll read a simple greeting—“nice to meet u.”

The graphic elements of the “little u” dot are delicately UV spot treated on sides of the box. The package containing the product is also meant to be a reusable frame and keepsake with a meaningful poem printed on the inside of the box, laying just beneath the swaddles, that is only uncovered after the swaddles are removed for use.

little unicorn promises to enhance the beauty of real parenting—however that may look.


As the amplifier of your brand, your voice is how your audience can discern you from the rest while also finding you to be a believable and authentic brand. If the voice doesn’t match the personality, your brand won’t be trusted. Your voice is also how you understand and how you relate to, respond, and engage with your audience, as well as knowing your best means of communicating your overall brand personality effectively.

The brand voice is relevant to many aspects of your brand, if not all. It’s everything from your written messaging and vocabulary to your unspoken attitude—even what social media platforms that your company posts on—the presence of voice is endless. Like a person, your voice can and will evolve while never losing the core values of your personality beyond the point of recognition.

the brand

When we wrote and created the brand book for Little Unicorn, we took inspiration from children’s books, and we opened it up with a story.

We call the brand narrative the story of your brand. It has emotional breadth and captures the personality of your brand and values without having to state them factually as rigid and categorized bullet points—no thanks.


We’ve reached d5. It’s time for implementation and training through this ultimate final tool—the brand book.

Inside, it contains the months of strategy, brand based guidelines, and more. It’s an in-depth tool for your brand and the culmination of what makes your brand yours—and this is Little Unicorn’s brand bible.

Following the completion of this brand book, we held a training for the company and their employees. This gave all at Little Unicorn an opportunity to learn and understand the perspective and voice of the company—something that they all knew and cognitively understood—but now they have the words and the internal cohesion as a company. After all, your brand requires more than just buy-in from your audience.