A brand personality is an intentional and adaptable framework for you and your colleagues to know how to represent and behave as the brand, like through messaging for marketing.


Yes, sometimes this personality can be formed deliberately or not, and can even take the shape of a key figure, like the CEO (e.g., Steve Jobs).


However, much like how people misunderstand each other, if you’re not thoughtful with your interactions where personality is present, like marketing materials, your customers and the general public will misunderstand your brand and build difficult to break assumptions.


Without written and purposeful personality strategy, it will be hard for employees and representatives to know how to act without this crucial framework for a brand.


Question: What emotion(s) do you want your audience to feel when interacting with your brand?


 “It all comes back to branding, even with love.”

—Keeley Jones, Ted Lasso


Here’s a Throwback Thursday from the modern8 archives that delves into personality concepts just a bit more.


(Just so you know, sometimes, we must meme about our own topics.)

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