wear your website

Your website is actually the model of your company. It isn’t just a face.



Your website is essentially the face of your company. But that isn’t even right. Your website is actually the model of your company. It isn’t just a face. It is walking down the runway with all eyes staring at every part of the high fashion (or ready to wear clothing) draping over it and judged constantly from all angles. So let us talk about those angles.


What is the aesthetic of your company? If we stick with the clothing analogy, are you high fashion? Customized for a specific purpose and event? Are you ready to wear? Does your style hang on the rack at a department store? Do you not need to look unique or different?


What is the purpose of the website for your company? Brand awareness? Sell a product? Sell a service? Does the function, function? To go back to the analogy, can you walk in it? Does it cover all the places that it needs to cover? Does it expose all the places that it needs to expose? Does the fabric breathe? Stretch? Fray? You get the idea.


Ok. Let’s get away from the analogy. You get it. So let’s talk about actual websites. You have a goal to drive more sales in some form or another. And there are an infinite number of road blocks to stop people from giving you money. From the page load times, to the confusion your product offerings, to the very perception of your brand from the time they click on your link in a Google search result.

The form and function have to work together to make this transaction happen. And so maybe the ready to wear options that are out there are what you need? But my guess is that you did not pull your business model off the rack. So why spend time putting it on display in something everyone else is wearing.

Picture of Alysha Smith
Alysha Smith is the chief executive officer and creative director at modern8, a strategy focused design agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The execution and world deliverance of your brand that is produced with intention with thriveability for the future of what can be and beyond.