Treat Yourself.


How do you design packaging that accents the original brand, inventively celebrates ingredients like juniper lavender, honeycomb brittle, pine nut, and s’mores, and then tie it all back in with the great state of Utah? Back in 2014, we rebranded and rethought the packaging for Ritual Chocolate to help their brand feel more at home in beautiful Park City, Utah. Fast forward a few years and Ritual is releasing a new line of bars, leaving it to us to make them look just as good as they taste. For their new line of inclusion bars, which include ingredients sourced from and found in Utah, we reimagined the packaging design to highlight and make each new ingredient shine. But of course, the design needed to remain visually consistent with the current brand and layout that we’d already created and for which they’re known. Our solution—a bright yet fresh illustrative approach that brings the ingredients from each bar to life with an unexpected geometric twist. Cheers!