There is Only One You

There is Only One You



In today’s world, with the inundation of content and information as consumers, we have stopped paying attention to the ads that scroll by on a social media feed or follow us around as we visit websites. Brands have a difficult challenge of grabbing their audiences’ attention and retaining it for longer than a millisecond. In this fast-paced landscape, where rational decisions take a backseat to emotions, crafting a relatable and distinctive brand personality becomes crucial in cutting through the noise and resonating.


It is a well-known and hard truth that consumer decisions are rarely, if ever, purely rational. Emotions steer our purchasing decisions and the way in which individuals perceive and emotionally connect with a brand influences their purchasing behaviors. Beyond the transactional aspect of commerce, a brand holds the potential to embody certain feelings and values, serving as a conduit for emotional resonance.


At the heart of this endeavor is the creation of a brand personality that is not only relatable but also distinctive. The brand personality acts as a catalyst, eliciting the desired emotions within the audience. It is the instrument through which perceptions are molded, and behaviors are influenced. In essence, it is the narrative thread that weaves the brand into the fabric of consumers’ lives, rendering it more than just a product or service but a key aspect of their identity.


From a strategic perspective, a well-defined brand personality functions as a pillar for content creators. It provides a clear roadmap, delineating the brand’s voice, style, and messaging objectives. This guidance streamlines content creation, ensuring that every piece consistently echoes the brand’s essence, reinforcing the emotional connection with the audience.


Disney, is relentless in delivering a consistent personality.  It’s brand personality is rooted in enchantment, storytelling, and nostalgia. This isn’t a mere marketing façade but a profound strategy. It is the very essence through which Disney captures the hearts and minds of its guests, building a loyalty that transcends generations.


However, it is important to recognize that crafting a brand personality is not a sprint but a long-term investment. Success hinges upon thorough research and an understanding of the target audience. When executed properly, it should be a pillar of the strategy for sustained brand growth, allowing the business an opportunity to adapt and evolve while preserving it’s core identity.


In the milieu of digital media, a brand strategy that includes a well crafted personality as one of it’s pillars will provide a roadmap for content creators ensuring emotional connections are made with the target audience.

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Alysha Smith is the chief executive officer and creative director at modern8, a strategy focused design agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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