Have you ever heard the tagline “Just do it.”? Of course you have. Moreover, you know who said it. In such a simple phrase, the attitude and personality of this phrase are immediately recognizable and inherent to the Nike brand.


Nike uses an active brand voice that commands transformational action beyond athletics. Such an inspirational voice supports their hero archetype and personality, as action and betterment are a motivation for the hero.


At modern8, we define brand voice as the amplifier of your brand personality. A necessary component that makes your brand distinctive through your communications and interactions, like social media.


A brand with a strong voice is the one with a story to tell, and it’s also the one we’d like to invite to the dinner party. The way your brand “speaks” creates an immersive brand experience and pushes your brand towards a distinctive and recognizable style of communicating not only your products or services but also your values.


“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touchpoints.” – Jonah Sachs


Exercise: Take a look at your current messaging. Does the messaging support the right personality for your brand? Is it consistent? Sort through those communications to find which resonate best and which should be left in the past so you can develop a consistent brand voice that upholds your personality.


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