So now you know who you’re going to ask and you understand the process and value of arranging an interview—now what are you going to ask?


We alluded to the notion that the purpose of these interviews is to help uncover the essence and ethos of your brand.


You may choose to ask your interviewees to succinctly tell you about your brand. For instance, how do they perceive and tell you about your mission? your values? your goals?


Though the interview is a grand discovery process, the last thing you want to do is exhaust your interviewee and garner nonspecific information. So keep your questions brand-focused and value-based, inquiring about what is accomplished by your brand as well as understanding the interviewee’s additional needs and desires that could be served to your audience through your brand.


As you listen and observe, questions and additional forays into the responses you are given will naturally occur. Regardless if you have an objective in mind, the discovery process within interviews have the potential to bring about something profound or affirming for all brands. Just listen and ask.


Action: Create a core list of 5 to 10 questions for your internal and external groups.


“The discipline of asking bigger questions can lead to profound changes for brands.” – Marty Neumeier


(Exhibit A.)

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