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MGB+A Studio is a collective of landscape architects, urban planners, and designers who have, for decades, collaborated to deliver landscape architecture, streetscape, urban design, and planning services in the Intermountain West and internationally.

We helped create a unified brand for MGB+A combining a distinctive strategy, clear messaging, and an updated modern visual identity. Their new brand reflects their decades of experience, innovative landscape design solutions, and commitment to land stewardship. 

Brand Strategy


For MGB+A Studio, being a service company means embodying the role of a trusted advisor and partner in their clients’ projects. Thus, we determined that they best fit the “The Collborative Steward” archetype. A creative and optimistic innovator, the Collaborative Steward is an archetype of thrivability, supported by their ability to be long-term thinkers that can see the potential within all. 

This archetype signifies a commitment to not only delivering creative solutions but also guiding clients towards sustainable and impactful outcomes. In a service context, this archetype highlights the importance of expertise and providing valuable insights. MGB+A Studio would position themselves as experts in their field, offering not just services but also strategic advice and support to help clients achieve their goals.


We promise, as your partner, to actualize your project with a thorough understanding and perception of your vision by being collaborative, creative, and utterly responsive to your needs, the needs of the project, and the needs of the environment.


We view each project as an opportunity to create and foster sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility, by designing spaces that are inviting, function, and conductive to human connection.

We seek to connect and innovate with our collaborators on a vision for a long-term solution that benefits all.


To be stewards of the land, utilizing landscape architecture to create outdoor spaces that enhance and benefit the community.

Brand Voice

We crafted a brand voice that echoes MGB+A’s  commitment to stewardship, collaboration, creativity, and an unceasing pursuit of learning. It’s a voice that speaks to their multi-generational expertise and commitment to ensuring that their clients’ and communities’ voices are heard.

Dynamic Logo System



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The Strategy

Edify is a platform built to promote safety practices for frontline workers. With the prioritization of transparency in their data, Edify helps every worker return home safely every day. We helped create a tech-forward identity for Edify and established an identity system for presentation applications.

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healthcomp healthcomp

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The Who

Meet HealthComp, a national health benefits administrator company that has been working with brokers and serving companies, organizations, and employees since 1994. HealthComp is a brand that is focused on providing quality, transformative health benefits packages. Especially in a time when modern solutions are required for modern needs, HealthComp has been utilizing data for a clear picture view of their clients and members needs. Data is used to update their available benefits packages to stay current and aligned with actual members’—think healthcare with the goal of individual design. Because when it comes to healthcare, for HealthComp, the individual’s needs are what matters.

Despite the internal positivity felt by clients and members with the HealthComp brand, the challenge was the world view of healthcare itself. The American experience is familiar with cold and generic brands that monopolize the industry, however, HealthComp wanted to change that all too familiar perspective. Much like the people of HealthComp, the brand needed to correctly reflect the openness and kindness that is already embedded within the company. Therefore, the primary goal began with generating approachability and credibility through the identity, messaging, and primary interfacing, informational platforms, such as the website. Additionally, the branding needed to be able to expand as HealthComp grew, so a flexible yet cohesive brand architecture was strategized throughout the entire rebranding process.

The culmination of the rebrand is a welcoming and accessible brand that could effortlessly expand and evolve as the brand grew. The logomark’s geometry provides endless inspiration for pictograms and infographics. Additionally, the brand could incorporate sub-branding and sub-logomarks with ease, and the brand system emphasized the use of complementary, warm tones, whether through photography, infographics, or secondary color palettes. Accessibility was also pushed through larger headlines, contrast, and cleaner typefaces that complemented the brands personality and primary audience.

The HealthComp Ethos

The Promise

FOR BROKERS | We promise that you will have a higher retention rate working with HealthComp because of our relentless focus on your clients, increase in data transparency, innovation around cost savings and health outcomes, with dedication to Delivering a compassionate experience.

FOR COMPANIES | We promise to elevate your benefit offerings and employee happiness through transparent simple to use, affordable, personalized health plans, with dedication to delivering a compassionate experience.

The Purpose

To be exceptional advocates for HealthComp members and clients while relentlessly focusing on healthcare affordability and outcomes through our responsive benefit plans and service.

The Brand

The face of healthcare can often feel clinical and bleak. Through our interviews and research with HealthComp, and our own experiences, we navigated towards a brand identity that felt friendly and modern with some traditional establishment. The result was an approachable brand with a wordmark typeface that is a balance of a clean serif type and a legible, sturdy sans serif callback. The logomark became geometrically friendly, encasing the minimalist shape of a person and guiding star—characteristics of the HealthComp brand. The shapes of the logo are also reinforced through the icon sets that have been developed for the brand, which expands HealthComp’s abilities to provide members’ with easily digestible visual cues for education and information, among other things. This is a brand that communicates quicker and is organized to communicate with members to brokers.

Brand Icon Set

The Idea

The focus of the brand was on the people that HealthComp serves—us. Everyday people serve as the faces of the brand and are the inspiration for the logo, icon sets, and more.

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hivot hivot

Brand positioning
Brand strategy

Brand refresh

The Strategy

Hivot is a construction tech platform for streamlining project communication. Hivot’s purpose is to give clarity for structuring the chaos around skilled work and resources, allowing everyone to regain control of time on and off the job site.

Our job was to build a straightforward and visually compelling brand to function in the technology sector. We ensure to think holistically of how the digital presence will evolve and look, as that is significant to the brand’s future.

Brand Identity

We created a bold brand that is easy to understand, using symbols familiar to the construction industry. We achieved this by combining a strong geometric logo, modern type system, and a color scheme inspired by the industrial sector. This resulted in a cohesive and recognizable brand within the construction industry.


surehand surehand

Brand positioning
Brand strategy

Brand refresh

The Strategy

Surehand was created through a Stanley Black & Decker incubator. The brand is a combination of a LinkedIn and job opps board, specifically for gray collar workers and employers within the gray collar industry.


Our job included it all, from strategy and naming to brand architecture and systems. The logo balances between tech and its industry to well-represent a brand and product that is for those who reside within and hire from the blue and white collar intersections.

Brand Identity

The brand is bold and symbolic. It’s a reminder of partnerships and crossroads, especially within the gray collar industry. The inspiration was strong typography and simplicity for a memorable and easy-to-adapt brand. 


rizepoint rizepoint rizepoint

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Brand Design

The Who

RizePoint is a quality management software app and platform. They are also a company focused on finding solutions for clients that pushes them to be proactive rather than reactive. In doing so, RizePoint helps their clients keep their own promises to their customers and clients.

The RizePoint Brand Ethos

The Brand Identity

The Website

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