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Say hello to Surehand.


They’re the hiring tool geared towards bringing employers and job seekers together, in a fair, quick, secure, and efficient way.

brand strategy.

As a part of out d5 Branding Process, we work with clients to discover what they can own within their industry. We call this singularity the "only one." We discovered that Surehand is the only hiring tool that provides a way for employers to search a database of experienced workers for the exact set of skills they need in order to find a perfect candidate in seconds. Surehand is the solution for even job seekers to match their experience with prospective employers without having to lift a finger, and allows them to finally quit resumes.

who are they?

Surehand is an intelligent company built on innovative ideas and inspired by the need to provide compassionate and intuitive solutions that transform the digital job seeking landscape. Although they’re the workforce facilitator that is built for your industry standards, they’re also a “boots to the ground,” guiding force that wants to provide answers to questions through hard work and innovation. Surehand is the simple solution to the complex issue of job seekers struggling to find the right job.


Surehand has an emotional and practical breath to their messaging. They resonate with the employer and the job seeker. They believe the possibilities should be endless. Where others lack hope, they see promise. The workforce is on the precipice of change, demanding a disruptive form of innovation. Surehand is leveraging technology to improve job satisfaction through transparent information to design a future where they transform the landscape and quit resumes. They want you to expand you reach and relax as your next job will find you.


One of the most exciting results is the brand book. In the brand book, we combine the strategy, emotional backstory, design, and more for the client to have and to hold in their hands. It’s a result of the collaboration and months of strategic work and design that we’ve implemented and instilled for the brand. For Surehand, we developed everything from their emotional story to custom design elements that will make their brand unique and different from the current job providing/seeking industry.

elevated brand elements.

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