ritual chocolate


Brand Refresh

Package Design

The Strategy

A rebrand and new packaging for Ritual Chocolate, a grassroots company that handcrafts small batch bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European methods with a modern American style. We were approached by Ritual Chocolate to reimagine their brand to resonate with the outdoors in a beautiful way.

Eat your chocolate and admire the box too.

Classic Line

Using the logo we carefully crafted for Ritual as inspiration, we designed a visual system for the classic line of bars that would stand out from the competition. Each bar’s design features geometric details from their location.

Utah Mountain Line

The Utah Mountain Line, inspired by local scenery, contrasts the classic bars using geometric forms that are complemented by gradient tones and textures.

Pantry Items

The Pantry Items pull inspiration from both the classic bars and the Utah Mountain Line, combining intricate geometric details, tonal gradients, and textures. Each box features its own unique landscape, inspired by the product it holds.

Next Project

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