Brand Strategy

Brand Refresh

The Strategy

Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake’s exclusive regional theatre, has earned acclaim for its Broadway-quality productions and numerous Utah and regional premieres.


We’ve created a dynamic brand identity, captivating season artwork, and expansive assets that highlight and play off of the enriching experiences PTC has to offer. Through our collaborative efforts, we’ve helped PTC solidify its position as a cultural cornerstone in Salt Lake City and beyond, drawing audiences from far and wide to experience the magic of live theater.

The Logo System

Understanding the need for a simple, versatile, and impactful logo system, we worked to conceptualize a series of adaptable logos that can be implemented across several unique applications. The result is a brand that reflects PTC’s spirit of innovation, curiosity, sophistication, and excellence.

23-24 Season

Annually, we collaborate with PTC to craft their season artwork and corresponding materials, from eye-catching banners and ads to engaging digital assets. Along with the dynamic brand and compelling production artwork is PTC’s dedication to providing top-notch entertainment while fostering a deep appreciation for the arts in the community.


Playbill Covers




Client Testimonial

“Being new to my role at Pioneer Theatre Company, I wasn’t quite sure if a design studio with an existing relationship with the company would be able to approach our new season branding in a new way. I was SO MISTAKEN. The modern8 team took the directive to create good design (vs. good theatre art) and ran with it. What resulted was a breath of fresh air for a 60-year-old theatre company. The branding work fulfilled a nearly-impossible brief of making seven distinct designs—each corresponding to a separate production—cohesive. Not only that, the new designs have allowed us to adapt for a contemporary digital landscape and for OOH mass transit all the while maintaining the integrity of each production and the season’s overall artistic direction.”


Joshua Black, Director of Marketing & Communication, PTC

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