PTC Website

We redesigned and developed the website for a client we’ve worked closely with over the years—Pioneer Theatre Company. Clean layouts and a vibrant color palette come together in simple, impactful layouts, infusing the liveliness and sophistication of the brand while complementing the captivating production artwork and imagery featured throughout the site.

The Website

The website acts as a virtual stage, showcasing upcoming productions, powerful photography, press releases, and a wealth of additional content. Navigating through the site is an immersive experience, offering a user-friendly interface that effortlessly captures the world of PTC, ensuring that visitors can explore the full site with ease and enthusiasm. The intuitive, eye-catching design and rich multimedia integration enhance the overall presence of PTC, making the site an inviting destination for both seasoned patrons and newcomers alike.

Client Testimonial

“When it came to selecting modern8 for Pioneer Theatre Company’s website overhaul, I didn’t have to delve too far into the studio’s portfolio of client work to know that it would be a good fit for the vision I had. In fact, I didn’t have to look much further than modern8’s own website! There is a clear commitment to elegant, thoughtful design—and that was vital in distilling PTC’s website journey into an easily navigable one. I believe the initial ask of them was to create a site that was ‘easy to read, easy to navigate, was accessible, and had purposeful pops of color throughout.’ What resulted was a modern website that isn’t typical of most theatre companies. What’s more, the modern8 team was incredibly helpful in migrating an intense content backlog as well as giving my internal team the tools to maintain a fabulous new website of which we are very proud.”

Joshua Black, Director of Marketing & Communication, PTC

Next Project

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