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MGB+A Studio is a collective of landscape architects, urban planners, and designers who have, for decades, collaborated to deliver landscape architecture, streetscape, urban design, and planning services in the Intermountain West and internationally.

We helped refresh their brand, ushering MGB+A into the modern age while upholding their deep-rooted heritage and commitment to creating outdoor spaces that inspire, engage, and unite communities.

Brand Strategy


For MGB+A Studio, being a service company means embodying the role of a trusted advisor and partner in their clients’ projects. Thus, we determined that they best fit the “The Collborative Steward” archetype. A creative and optimistic innovator, the Collaborative Steward is an archetype of thrivability, supported by their ability to be long-term thinkers that can see the potential within all. 

This archetype signifies a commitment to not only delivering creative solutions but also guiding clients towards sustainable and impactful outcomes. In a service context, this archetype highlights the importance of expertise and providing valuable insights. MGB+A Studio would position themselves as experts in their field, offering not just services but also strategic advice and support to help clients achieve their goals.


We promise, as your partner, to actualize your project with a thorough understanding and perception of your vision by being collaborative, creative, and utterly responsive to your needs, the needs of the project, and the needs of the environment.


We view each project as an opportunity to create and foster sustainability, inclusivity, and accessibility, by designing spaces that are inviting, function, and conductive to human connection.

We seek to connect and innovate with our collaborators on a vision for a long-term solution that benefits all.


To be stewards of the land, utilizing landscape architecture to create outdoor spaces that enhance and benefit the community.

Brand Voice

We crafted a brand voice that echoes MGB+A’s  commitment to stewardship, collaboration, creativity, and an unceasing pursuit of learning. It’s a voice that speaks to their multi-generational expertise and commitment to ensuring that their clients’ and communities’ voices are heard.

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