Eco-friendly supplements


Ethos creates clean, eco-friendly supplements to help individuals lead their best lives. Our goal was to craft an empowering, approachable brand to match.

A visionary and unwavering brand, bringing new products to the market to improve your quality of life.

the old.

Ethos approached us to help revamp their packaging and match it to their brand strategy. While the packaging itself had good bones, we knew that we could take it a step further. Borrowing the eco-friendly containers, minimalist approach, and type-based layout from the original packaging, we were able to use the old pieces to reconstitute a new design.

the new.

Using color, type, and geometric forms as the foundation of the Ethos packaging, we designed a new system that reNects the clean and empowering nature of Ethos’ brand. Each product category is given its own color and a product speciPc tagline that is uniquely treated to create a distinctive look. Additionally, the type treatment of this product speciPc slogan serves to inform the user of the contents’ purpose.

the brand guide

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