nature’s seed



Nature’s Seed isn’t new to grass seed. They’ve been offering their premium product to commercial users for almost 30 years. When they came to us last fall, they wanted to increase their consumer brand’s revenue by 200% in 2018…

We proposed the 5d Head & Heart Brand Design Process as a means to help them achieve their goal. In our discovery process, we quickly identified that they needed positioning and branding platforms as rational and emotional differentiators from their competitors. We started with an in-depth look at their competition where we learned that they are the only seed company who provides custom seed blends across their entire product lines by geographic location—this became their “Only Only”. We also learned in our interviews that Nature’s Seed customers have a real connection to their ground, an almost spiritual experience when they tend to their seed–this became their brand promise and their brand story.

Nature’s Seed signed off on their strategic recommendations–both their positioning and branding platforms and we felt ready to bring both the “head and heart” together in the next stage of design. After a selection from the three mood boards we presented, we designed six different identity concepts, based on the approved strategy, and showed them in context on packaging, business cards, and social media to help bring the proposed solution to life. It was a tough decision, we even revised a couple of the options, but they came back to the original concept that struck an emotional chord from the beginning.

We have wrapped up the key brand touchpoints and are now feverishly working on a new user experience and website design, optimized Amazon pages, and a refresh of the packaging, and feel confident these changes coupled with strong messaging and content marketing will drive the results to surpass their goals.

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