Knowing Oneself: How to create a brand archetype

How to Create Your Brand Archetype



In brand marketing, understanding the significance of a fully-fledged personality is just the beginning. We touched on the ‘why’ in our previous article, but how do we go about creating one and using it? So why should brands spend the time, money, and resources to create one?


Starting at the Core: Your Brand’s DNA

The journey towards a distinctive brand archetype begins with an intimate understanding of your brand’s DNA. What fuels your company? What values drive its existence? What is your mission and vision? This self-awareness should be your launching point.


Navigating the Archetypal Universe

Once you’ve got your brand’s essence determined, explore the different characteristics of each archetype within Carl Jung’s framework. Each has positive qualities however some should resonate and feel more authentic than others.

If you find yourself wanting to fit within a specific archetype but it doesn’t feel natural, try listing all of the traits of an archetype on a sheet of paper without their respective archetypal headings. Start by crossing out the traits that don’t feel like you or feel like a stretch. Then on the second round circle and draw comparison lines to figure out if there are any overlaps. From there, narrow down the traits to a final 3 or 4 and see which archetype you naturally fall into. Have several individuals in the company take this same test and your authentic archetype should organically emerge.


Integrating your Archetype into Content

Once you’ve determined your archetype, it’s time for a deep dive into its defining traits. Say your brand aligns with the Hero archetype; think through how you can seamlessly weave qualities like courage, resilience, and a quest for excellence into your content creation.

Through the art of storytelling, visuals, messaging, and design, infuse your marketing content with the very essence of your chosen archetype. Authenticity is your guide. Your voice should ring true and consistent, creating a genuine emotional connection with your audience.


The world of brand archetypes is about crafting a persona that aligns with your brand’s very essence and resonates with your audience on a deep level. Infuse your marketing with your archetype’s voice, and personality, and ensure your design and visuals match. With consistency, your audience will grow and drive long-term revenue through loyalty.

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