In a previous newsletter, we asked you to do an exercise that had you examine your current and past messaging to see if it felt appropriate to your brand’s personality. So did your messaging feel right?


Just so you know, when honing your brand voice, it’s never too late to begin designing tools that will help you create appropriate communications. Evolution is natural and good.


Begin by creating a core list of three to five descriptive words (i.e., humorous, wondrous, etc.) that fit the overall personality and tone of the brand. Keep it high-level so that you have room to fully explore how these words apply to your brand.


You’ll use this list of words to help maintain your tone whenever you convey anything from your brand, from your products and or services to your point of view, promise, and values.


We find that compiling a dos and don’ts list for each descriptive word that you designate for your brand is helpful. Think of this list as an auditing filter for your brand voice and tone.


“Start by knowing what you want and who you are, build credibility around it and deliver it online in a compelling way.” — Krista Neher


Question: What do you most want to communicate about your brand, besides your product or service?


(For brand voice, just remember—)

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