What do you believe about the world as a brand? Your brand’s response to this question is also what we define as the Point of View (POV).


The POV is how your brand personality goes about interacting in the world—it’s your brand personality in action.


If you believe a “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” you may be a brand that provides humor or gamification for something that is inherently “difficult to swallow,” like saving money, eating healthy, and so on.


The point of the POV is to provide a framework of thinking, developing, and behaving for those creating the content, interacting with customers, building the product, etc.


Question: What is different about the way your current brand sees the world versus any previous brand you worked with?


“Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process.”


– Paul Rand


(Possum-bly closer than you think…)

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Peter Stevenson is the new business director + strategist at modern8, a strategy focused design agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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