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You might have heard us mention Nature’s Seed in a previous newsletter (we showed you all a glimpse of their soon-to-be website that we designed), and, well, we want to share something else that’s been budding for some time—seed packaging.

Nature’s Seed is a local Utah seed company that sells directly to consumers. They have hundreds of seed varieties, so we were so excited for a chance to refresh the packaging and take on the challenge of creating a streamlined and flexible concept. Plus, our package redesign reflects a fresh and sophisticated look and feel to their current product line. We upheld strategic considerations when it came to implementing the design of the Nature’s Seed packaging from brand imagery to color use for the categories of their seed varieties—grass, wildflower, and specialty—and headed on the challenge of typesetting and communicating the array of directional info for the seed consumer.

A reusable and custom printed cotton bag will be used for the seed bag packaging, which will also look attractive planted around any homeowner’s garage or shed. Super multipurpose. Oh, and Wilson won’t help but continue to peer (more like gawk) over the fence at your bloomin’ yard.

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