Building and creating customer personas will allow you, the brand, to keep a specific person in mind when creating marketing.


Personas should be reflective of and be broken up into your brand’s relevant buyers.


A persona for your buyer should be specific. Create a name, provide their age, list where they live, depict their motives, and include a bunch of other bits of demographic information so that you can wholly picture who this person is and why they are buying.


Keep in mind, those demographics are, for the most part, fungible. Depending on the brand or the product, a 30-year-old female and a 40-year-old male could have the potential to be included within a similar persona model.


Action: List out all the reasons that you can think that you believe other people and/or businesses buy from you.


“It is better to understand and perfectly meet the needs of the critical few than to poorly meet the needs of many. It is this specific problem that personas are meant to address.”

– Universal Principles of Design


Insights from the modern8 archives on the importance of personas.


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