arch nexus’ re-brand launch

The first website we designed for Architectural Nexus used Flash technology, which afforded us cool animations and a distinguishing interface, but that was long before the advent of the always-on, mobile world in which we now live. The challenge this time was to create a site with the same visual impact, while making it accessible from any device, and easily manageable internally. The resulting modular layout accommodates projects as easily as news releases and features video content created by the Arch Nexus Visualization team. We also helped with the logo redesign that launched with the new website.


jacobsen launches

When we were approached by Jacobsen Construction to design a website for them, we didn’t know they were an employee-owned company. We soon learned that there was no CEO dictating details, but rather a team of professionals, including a writer, a designer and a biz dev expert. We worked together, incorporating big photos, vertical parallax scrolling, and video to communicate the yield behind Jacobsen’s famous formula: prosperity and value for their customers. From luxury condominiums to religious temples, the projects section of their site shows off work they’ve completed throughout the entire country.

signal peak ventures

It’s easy to be intimidated by smart guys from Harvard and the like, but the partners at Signal Peak Ventures are personable and professional. We took the venture capital firm through our Perception Branding 5d Process. That’s where we came up with the line on their website that promises “an ego absent interaction”. It’s also how we decided to feature the entrepreneurs who Signal Peak trusts with capital funding. We sent a photographer to the offices of four entrepreneurs to help tell the story of the investment from Signal Peak Ventures. The website we designed and built around these concepts is simple, modern and to the point. Launched earlier this month, the website is responsive on any device. We also helped with a brand refresh and re-designed stationery and business cards.

peterson wealth management

Statisticians are now telling us we may live in retirement for 30 years. What they don’t tell us is how to make our savings last for three decades. Peterson Wealth Advisors has a plan: The Perennial Income Model. And we helped Peterson bring it to life. This summer, we accomplished a complete strategic and creative overhaul for the Orem, Utah based company in record time. We first took Peterson through the Perception Branding 5D Process, building a foundation of understanding—before creating anything. The business name was modified and the retirement model was given a name and logo. We designed a new identity including a new tagline. The identity was incorporated into the design of stationery, business cards, a new website and video. The website introduces the team, the investment approach and describes services.

nic gets with feds

Our long-term client, NIC, a public company who built their business providing online services to state governments, has started doing work with the federal government as well. We designed a site for the Pre-Employment Screening Program for the U.S. Department of Transportation. The site introduces color and imagery, (not the typical hallmarks of federal websites), to the program’s site which is intended to “make roads safer, one hire at a time.”