engineering avenue’s brand

Avenue Consultants are civil engineers—but don’t pigeonhole them. The brand book we created for them says “We are pathfinders, innovators, dreamers and visionaries. Where others see unconquerable mountains, we see possibilities.” It sounds lofty, but as we took Avenue Consultants through our Perception Branding 5d Process, we talked with their clients, and they said the same thing. The brand book not only lays out the meaning behind the brand, but also outlines the technical information—like color, typography, and logo do’s and don’ts that maintain the look and feel.

colmena’s bolted-up brochure

The Colmena Group needed to grab attention with a brochure that highlights their recent real estate development projects. The goal was to inform potential investors about the properties and incite further interest in investment opportunities. We sent a photographer, wrote copy, designed and printed a 12-page oversize brochure. And for added flair, we bound the brochure with bolts, indicative of their building activities. Colmena is headquartered in the midst of their massive projects in the heart of Salt Lake City’s Sugarhouse neighborhood. We featured their multi-family housing project on the cover.

pentad gets carded

Following the adoption of the new identity we created for Pentad Retail/Hospitality, we designed business cards for which we recommended letterpress printing. The company, who brokers both retail and hospitality properties, said the business cards send a message of strength and sophistication.

abc band of brothers

A couple of years ago, one of our long-time clients came to us with an unusual project. ABC, (Associated Brigham Contractors), had recently gone through a strategic reshaping of their corporate mission and goals. They needed something to rally the troops—something concrete and memorable. Something that had value, and told a story. Thus was born the coffee table book Band of Brothers, the ABC Way. It didn’t come together easily. After multiple fits and starts, both we and our client came to understand the best way to share the story of how a small construction company in Brigham City, Utah became the nation’s leader in structural concrete for industrial construction. We sent a photographer all over the country, capturing photos of hard-working men functioning as a “band of brothers” to accomplish the impossible deadlines ABC is known for. We designed an oversize 12.5 by 11.5 book with hundreds of photos, histories, timelines and stories—distributed personally to each employee by ABC’s president.

rio grande modern poster

We’ve had fun depicting our favorite downtown Salt Lake buildings in our long-time office location. We’ve got two iconic railroad depots in the downtown area. Though neither building serves its original transportation function, they both display nostalgic signage identifying their heritage. Designed by Chicago architect Henry Schlacks, the iconic Rio Grande Depot has graced Salt Lake City’s skyline since 1910. The poster, along with others in the series, are for sale in our online store.

rizepoint: the brand book

Relationships with past clients frequently provide new opportunities. In 2008, modern8 was engaged to re-brand InContact, where Frank Maylett was Executive VP of Sales. Seven years later, Frank, now President and CEO at Steton, called on modern8 for another rebrand. The company is a leader in software solutions that safeguard compliance and yet nearly everyone complained about the brand name. Like before, we took the company through our 5d process, proposed company names and designed an identity that resonated with their global client base. The newly adopted RizePoint, was brought to meaning and life in a brand book, which communicated the emotional and tactical aspects of implementing the new brand.


Relating the complexities of genetic information and how it might help physicians proscribe appropriate therapies for their patients is not a task for a casual design interpretation. Literally, people’s lives are at risk. modern8 was engaged by Myriad Genetics Laboratories, to design literature that explains the benefits of using the myChoice HRD product. Inside the brochure we created diagrams, graphs and icons that empower doctors with actionable knowledge. The literature for Myriad was one of several that we recently completed for the company.

studio ’15

For the second year, the University of Utah College of Fine Arts asked us to design their magazine Studio, an annual report from all the departments who can claim the title of the publication: art, dance, film, music and theatre. The magazine is an oversized 12” x 9”, 44- page document that is mailed to alumni, donors, and strategic stakeholders in the arts. With large reproductions on uncoated paper, “we become enlightened about how the arts enable us to reflect the world around us, express the complexities of our humanity, and reshape our perceptions about being.”


peterson stationary

We designed a new Peterson Wealth Advisors identity based on the image and metaphors associated with the bristlecone pine, the oldest and most durable of all tree species. Foil stamping the logo on the business card enhanced the attraction to the bristlecone image.

words of wisdom

The Salt Lake letterpress printer, The Mandate Press, puts on an annual exhibition of invited artists to create work around an interesting theme. The printer produces letterpress prints of each artist’s work using the same paper stock and ink colors, bringing visual consistency to the show. The exhibiting artists works were further restricted to typographic solutions only, based on the theme “Words of Wisdom”. Randall Smith, modern8 Creative Director, designed a print reflecting a personal statement of interests. The “Pints & Prints” opening night exhibition was July 18, but the work of all 20 artists are currently on display during business hours at The Mandate Press.