So Fresh and So Clean

If you have ever been a medicine cabinet snooper, you know that what’s on the other side of that door says a lot about you. As designers, we can’t ignore how something looks, but now you can have a “stink-free guarantee” and two new bottles you won’t be embarrassed for those snoopers to see. After launching a redesign of their foot spray, Sprayzee came back to us to design three additional bottles to add to their line—a travel size, air freshener, and a toilet deodorizer—complete with custom illustrations and an expanded color palette as fresh as their ingredients.

And it doesn’t stop there! We are creating assets for the Sprayzee website and their social media, including “how it works” and “what’s inside” infographics for the website, along with custom lifestyle photography that shows off the versatility, personality, and all-natural ingredients of the sprays and brand.

Treat Yourself.


How do you design packaging that accents the original brand, inventively celebrates ingredients like juniper lavender, honeycomb brittle, pine nut, and s’mores, and then tie it all back in with the great state of Utah? Back in 2014, we rebranded and rethought the packaging for Ritual Chocolate to help their brand feel more at home in beautiful Park City, Utah. Fast forward a few years and Ritual is releasing a new line of bars, leaving it to us to make them look just as good as they taste. For their new line of inclusion bars, which include ingredients sourced from and found in Utah, we reimagined the packaging design to highlight and make each new ingredient shine. But of course, the design needed to remain visually consistent with the current brand and layout that we’d already created and for which they’re known. Our solution—a bright yet fresh illustrative approach that brings the ingredients from each bar to life with an unexpected geometric twist. Cheers!


grow your own way

You might have heard us mention Nature’s Seed in a previous newsletter (we showed you all a glimpse of their soon-to-be website that we designed), and, well, we want to share something else that’s been budding for some time—seed packaging.

Nature’s Seed is a local Utah seed company that sells directly to consumers. They have hundreds of seed varieties, so we were so excited for a chance to refresh the packaging and take on the challenge of creating a streamlined and flexible concept. Plus, our package redesign reflects a fresh and sophisticated look and feel to their current product line. We upheld strategic considerations when it came to implementing the design of the Nature’s Seed packaging from brand imagery to color use for the categories of their seed varieties—grass, wildflower, and specialty—and headed on the challenge of typesetting and communicating the array of directional info for the seed consumer.

A reusable and custom printed cotton bag will be used for the seed bag packaging, which will also look attractive planted around any homeowner’s garage or shed. Super multipurpose. Oh, and Wilson won’t help but continue to peer (more like gawk) over the fence at your bloomin’ yard.

divvy packs up nicely

We’ve done a lot of work in technology, and we’ve designed a lot of packaging for consumer goods. With Divvy, we brought it all together. Divvy is a payment platform for businesses that use an app and a credit card to manage costs and automate reports. When users receive their new Divvy credit card, it’s important the package opening experience says, “this is no ordinary card.” We designed a slow multi-flap reveal that positions the card as personally important and as a new management tool.

social media for nush

It was inevitable. We haven’t done a lot of social media for clients in the past, but three years ago we designed the logo, the packaging and the website for a local snack foods startup called nush. Now, we’re doing their social media as well.  The product has no added sugar and dramatically low carbs, so we’ve got a good story to tell. We think social media too often lacks the emotional connections that strong creative can produce. Early results show we’re right. Facebook “likes” are up 65% in only one month.

introducing: nush cakes

Nearly two years ago, Muffy Mead-Ferro came to us with an insight and an idea. The insight (which has only become more commonplace since): we’re eating too much sugar. The idea: develop a delicious baked snack that’s low in carbs and without added sugar, because there’s nothing out there like it right now. After baking, testing, researching and baking some more, what came out of the oven was a new company: nush. We designed the product logo and packaging and the pre-introduction website. With three flavors, and more in development, we will soon be launching the e-commerce site. The Salt Lake manufacturing facility is gearing up for an online and retail roll-out in two months.

ritual chocolate in ca

Communication Arts has notified modern8 that the packaging we designed for Ritual Chocolate, the Park City-based artisan chocolate maker, will appear in the upcoming design awards issue of their international magazine. The competition for the annual publication is claimed to be the most prestigious in the industry, based on the number of entries compared to the number selected for publication. Watch the case study video for the whole story.


We’re working on a video to tell the whole story, but for now, we’re very excited to see the packages we designed for Ritual Chocolate as they roll off the presses. Ritual Chocolate moved their artisan chocolate factory from Colorado to Park City, Utah a couple of years ago. They recognized a need for a new logo and package design, re-positioning their product to relate more authentically with their new mountain home. We designed nine different packages, marked with color, animal icons and graphics that relate to each flavor and country of origin, like Peru, Ecuador and Belize. The packages are hand-stamped with batch numbers and harvest years. Even the UPC code has a custom mountain theme. Locally you can buy Ritual Chocolate at Whole Foods and Harmons, or go to their website to buy it online or look up retail locations near you.

new packaging insight

Our long-term client, Insight Eyeworks, had us design the packaging and display for their I-Image line of reading glasses exclusively sold at Sam’s Club. The packaging has three different product lines, with six power level variations within each, all incorporating the logo we designed for them three years ago. The packaging is designed to position the merchandise as a branded product line, distinguishing it from its generic predecessor.