new nush

It’s been a few years since we designed the logo and the packaging for nush foods, but a lot has changed. During that time, they’ve made a lot of new friends and customers and learned a lot (like most new companies).

After a few suggestions, nush spent the last year reformulating their low-carb cakes with an even better ingredient list. Together with nush, we designed the packaging for four new flavors, and launched a marketing campaign complete with social media, newsletters, and custom videos. Some of which has received praise from the customers of nush. “Awesome Video!!” says an instagram follower of the keto snack company. ☺ We like it too.

impartner in motion

A few years ago, we designed the branding for a local Utah tech company called, Impartner. So, when they asked us to design a video bumper for their Salt Lake based convention, we were excited for the opportunity to challenge ourselves to create a unique motion graphic that conveyed their 2018 theme—Transcend.

The bumper is a blend of video footage and graphic typography, which has been animated within the bumper. The combination of type animation and “transcendent” music allowed Impartner to convey the attitude and emotion of the theme to their audience attending their convention. We always leap at the opportunity to work on motion graphic videos for clients, as it is gives us the chance to flex our creative muscles in a different medium and allows us to work with companies to express their brand beyond their logo.

impartner con

Like many tech companies, Impartner invited users of their products and services to an annual client conference where expert knowledge and support is provided. We created an animated introduction used at the start of the day’s activities and before speakers that captured the winter mountain theme.

impartner tradeshow motion graphics

In our continuing work for Impartner, the former Treehouse Interactive, we created the major selling tool used at the premier tradeshow for the industry. The motion graphics video played on two screens, explaining the value of a portal to manage partner relationships in direct sales channels. Since the rebranding and website we created a few months ago, the company has grown substantially, opening offices London, Paris and Florida.

peterson video

The Peterson Wealth Management video is prominently placed on the home page of the new website. modern8 created the motion graphics video with simulated chalkboard drawings educating the viewer on the Perennial Income Model. The video was a major feature of BYU Education Week retirement learning.