TVC Annual Report

Earlier this year, TVC (Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization) approached modern8 for a fresh perspective and take on their 2019 annual report. TVC is an organization that works in behalf of the University of Utah to help innovators and researchers turn their ideas and concepts into actualized products and businesses, which ultimately allows for fresh, innovative, and necessary companies to become a reality. TVC helps innovators with so many things, like invention management, patenting, funding, etc., and, like the actualization TVC does for researchers and inventors, we helped TVC actualize their vision for a cohesive way to present the innovators’ stories in the 2019 annual report. From the visual yet abstract conceptualization on the cover of the theme, partnership, to taking on the art direction for the photography used, we helped align and elevate the presentation of the report itself to be visually appealing and intriguing in a way that matched the dynamism of the people showcased along with their ideas.

Studio Mag 2019

Your Studio at the U.

Sometimes your college professor becomes your client. For the sixth year, we’ve had the privilege of designing Studio, the University of Utah College of Fine Arts’ annual publication, which is edited by Marina Gomberg and advised by graphic design professor, Dan Evans — who knows well some of modern8’s employees who were former students. The magazine is a rare chance to explore more progressive design solutions, which oftentimes makes corporate clients nervous. This year’s publication describes how the arts at the U are helping to heal, unite, connect, and restore.

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