Brand Pillars of Professional Services

Brand Pillars of Professional Services




Covered in our last newsletter was a general overview of how brand strategies differ depending on whether you have a product or service-based company.


The first step in understanding your three brand pillars is to be clear about your strategic goals as a professional service. These typically stem from current market perception issues or changes in business objectives.


Professional service brands have the potential to stand out in the market through strategy-based decisions. An effectively developed brand strategy requires three key components. While each element alone may not distinguish you, together they can create distinction and uniqueness.


Pillar One, Positioning: Your What. Your positioning clarifies and clearly states your services and clientele. It communicates your expertise, the unique benefits you offer, the specific problems you solve for your target audience and industry, and the process you use to address them.


Pillar Two, Perspective: Your Why. Your perspective reflects your worldview, how you see opportunities and challenges in your industry, and your purpose, which are the values that drive your business beyond profit.


Pillar Three, Personality: Your How. Your personality reflects your heart, your culture, and how you communicate. It includes your desires, values, tone, and voice to help you express the brand internally and externally.


These three brand pillars should answer the following questions: Who do we work with? What do we provide? What value do we create? Why does it matter? What are we known for? How do we operate? And how would people describe us?


Your brand should be pieced together by 3 key pillars.

3 Brand Pillars Chart
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