When you find the thing that only you can provide, it’s time to make that piece very important to your desired buyers.


Locally owned Nielsen’s Frozen Custard went so far as to put their Onl Only on a sign — “Only Nielsens uses the custard freezing machine patented by Steve.”


I’ve never thought about the freezing method for custard, but now I personally can’t help but think that Nielsen’s custard must somehow be better because of Steve’s invention!


Remember you should let the Only Only be known by your buyers, especially if you are the only one who can get a job done.


And the only people who are turned off by the message in your Only Only are non-buyers. Stick with the group who cares and identifies with your Only-ness.


If your product or service is identical to other offerings out there, then you need to find something ownable that makes you stand apart, like Nielsen’s—clarify what only you can provide.


Question: What Only Only, over the next 12 months, would drive an increase of value for your brand? It could be an increase through sales, desire, hiring, or whatever else. What Only Only can you provide and how can you message this to potential buyers?


(It’s really that simple.)

Picture of Peter Stevenson
Peter Stevenson is the new business director + strategist at modern8, a strategy focused design agency in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The execution and world deliverance of your brand that is produced with intention with thriveability for the future of what can be and beyond.