abc band of brothers

A couple of years ago, one of our long-time clients came to us with an unusual project. ABC, (Associated Brigham Contractors), had recently gone through a strategic reshaping of their corporate mission and goals. They needed something to rally the troops—something concrete and memorable. Something that had value, and told a story. Thus was born the coffee table book Band of Brothers, the ABC Way. It didn’t come together easily. After multiple fits and starts, both we and our client came to understand the best way to share the story of how a small construction company in Brigham City, Utah became the nation’s leader in structural concrete for industrial construction. We sent a photographer all over the country, capturing photos of hard-working men functioning as a “band of brothers” to accomplish the impossible deadlines ABC is known for. We designed an oversize 12.5 by 11.5 book with hundreds of photos, histories, timelines and stories—distributed personally to each employee by ABC’s president.