Now that we understand a brand voice is an extension of the brand, which allows the personality to be visible through communications, how does it help the brand and why does it matter?


Today, for instance, there are many similar consumer products available, and it can be difficult to easily filter through brands. However, if I hear relatable and elevated messaging that resonates with my personality, values, and or aspirations, I’m more likely to pick that brand—it’ll be undeniably appealing.


And that’s the goal. You’re cultivating depth and presenting qualities that will make your brand relatable and memorable beyond visual design.


Going back to our example last week, Nike is a brand that has mastered how they’re remembered and felt long after an advertisement runs. They have the adaptive ability to present a voice and tonal quality that is meant to empower and resonate with all, from elite athletes competing in sports to the everyday person achieving their potential in life.


Maybe someone might argue that Nike is memorable only due to the simplicity of their logo and the coolness of the brand design, but that’s not enough to develop a brand and make it last beyond a design trend. If just good design were the case, then the annoying and oft-used excuse of “I could’ve done that” would be fitting.


The brand voice is the consistent perspective of your personality that shines through and deepens your brand collateral to make for lasting associations and meaning. Though it is effortless to identify the brand’s logo, Nike’s voice is just as recognizable as its brand. Their core-based messaging presents through reliable messaging styles and the emotions they provoke are consistent, which allows Nike’s campaigns to feel immediately discernible and recognizable, despite any visual brand changeups or adaptations.


Exercise: Envision your brand in a public setting, and determine how your brand would dress, interact, and tell stories. Does your current messaging and brand personality feel cohesive to the envisioned scenario?


(This week, a classified brand meme)

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