2014 t-shirt

Clients, friends and relatives of modern8 know that our standard issue holiday gift is a T-shirt. We’ve been doing them for so long that we wonder if recipients have drawers full of them. (On the other hand, we typically receive edibles from nearly everyone else. At least T-Shirts come without calories). Our newest designer Chaidi Loboto
designed this year’s shirt with the headline “How are you today?” accompanied by 20 different graphic answers, ranging from “hip”, to “radical”, to “modern”. We have a few leftovers for sale for $10 in the modern8 store if you’d like one.

Part of the fun of giving a T-shirt is designing the container for it. Unbelievably, we found a ready-made box that matches the American Apparel turquoise shirt. We printed sleeves on our new color printer and laboriously cut, scored and wrapped the box in mod graphics equal to the shirt itself.